Schaumburg IL

Top Rated Home Exterior Services In Schaumburg IL 

Schaumburg IL is known for its high class shopping centers, proximity to the airport, and stylish houses. Since 2003 we have been serving the Schaumburg IL area and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the area. 


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and you need to protect and maintain it. A roof that has damage, or is old will need to be replaced. A roof replacement keeps your home in top condition and is a sound investment. Replacing your roof boosts your home’s value if you are looking to sell as appraisers like to see sturdy roofs in good condition. Roof replacement gives you the peace of mind you need when it rains or snows as there will be no leaks and you can trust the work that was done. 

Repairing your roof prevents the need for a roof replacement. Roof repairs are for leaks, loose shingles, and cracked shingles and we recommend not dealing with these on your own. A professional roofing contractor resolves these issues and checks for damage you the homeowner may not be aware of. Roof repairs extend your roof’s life span and protect your home from moisture and further damage. 

In the event you need a roof replacement you can take the chance to learn about new materials for your roof. Different kinds of roofing materials have different properties so be sure to learn about what your options are. We carry asphalt, cedar, slate, synthetic, and metal as roofing materials. Each material has its own unique pros and cons so ask your contractor which is your best option. 


Your gutters team mates with your roof. They work together to move water away from your home and keep your house dry. Gutters are overlooked most times, and can get severely damaged easily. Large holes, blockages, and missing parts of your gutter system are clues it’s time to replace your gutters. A gutter replacement ensures your home stays dry and safe from water damage. Neglecting to replace your gutters can result in further damage to your roof and even your foundation and basement. 

Small holes or cracks and minor blockages are easily resolved with gutter repair. Repairing your gutters prevents the need for gutter replacement and helps them last longer. Gutters need repair to continue doing their job, after a contractor repairs your roof be sure to ask about how to keep them in good condition. An annual maintenance plan is usually the best way to ensure you gutters stay healthy. They may also recommend gutter guards to keep your gutters free from debris even longer.


Siding is one of the first thing a visitor or potential buyer sees when coming to your home. Cracked, faded, siding that has insect nests or missing areas needs to be replaced, and soon! Siding protects your home’s interior and structure from moisture, mold and more! Severely damaged siding could make your home unsafe inside and out and cause damage to your homes structure – which is costly damage. Replace your siding sooner than later. Siding replacement also typically involves a new underwrap layer too which keeps your home watertight. We offer vinyl, cedar and fiber cement as our most popular siding options, but be sure to ask if you had something else in mind. 

Siding does not always require replacement, and sometimes just needs repair. Repairing your siding helps it to last longer on your home and prevents the problem from spreading. A professional  contractor fixes your siding issues and makes sure no further damage such as dry rot has occurred. Be sure to ask your siding contractor how to maintain your siding properly to make it last as long as possible. 


Your windows help compose your curb appeal. Damaged and old windows hurt your curb appeal and home value by driving away potential buyers with how they look. They also currently cost you money as they are not energy efficient. Drafty windows fail to keep your home’s temperature steady and drive up heating and cooling costs year round. New state of the art windows that are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing will help your home’s value, your energy bills, and boost your curb appeal. We also carry skylights, sun tunnels, roof lights, and custom windows for our Schaumburg IL customers. 


Natural stonework is a simple way to incorporate the outdoors into your home design. Stone is a versatile material that can be used inside or outside and still look great. Used stone for siding, patios, fireplaces, flooring and more! Our team of experts will help you decide what the best kind of stone for your project is and help you make your home look amazing. 


Doors are similar to windows in that they contribute to curb appeal and energy bills. Old and beat up doors do not impress your guests or potential buyers. Drafty doors let air seep into your home and cause problems with your heating and cooling bills. Make sure you get a new and energy efficient door to keep your energy costs down and to boost your curb appeal. We carry a variety of doors to help your home be at its best!
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