Riverwoods IL

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Riverwoods IL has many historically and architecturally important homes. Our experience working on historic houses has led us to serve this area since 2003 with our highly rated home exterior expertise .


Your roof is an integral part of your home exterior. The roof keeps the elements out of your home and contributes to your curb appeal. Roofing requires maintenance and care for it to be at its best. Repairing your roof when there are problems extends the lifespan of your roof and keeps your home safe from leaks, mold, and more! Loose shingles, roof leaks, and cracked shingles are all signs you need to repair your roof. Failing to repair your roof in a timely fashion results in further damage to your home, as well as the need for a roof replacement. 

Roof replacement is needed when your roof is too old or damaged to do its job. Missing shingles, more than one leak, and holes in your roof are sure signs you need a roof replacement. Replacing your roof is the only way to ensure more damage does not occur to your home once your roof has started to have problems. We recommend calling a professional to replace your roof when you need it. A trained professional disposes of your old roof, checks for damage to your roofing structure, and installs a new quality roof properly to keep your home continually safe from the elements. 

While replacing a roof is never fun, if is a good chance to change the material used on your roof. We offer asphalt, natural cedar, natural slate, synthetic cedar synthetic slate, and metal as our main roofing material options. Each type of material has its own unique benefits – so if you’re looking for something in particular like a more eco-friendly or low maintenance option – be sure to ask your contractor. 


Siding is part of your home’s aesthetic and a major player in curb appeal. Cracked siding with missing sections or insect nests needs to be replaced. Siding replacement is important as it keeps moisture damage and mold from occurring. New siding often means a new underwrap layer as well which makes your home as watertight as possible. When installing new siding there are many options you have when it comes to material, we offer traditional vinyl, cedar, fiber cement and more! Replacing your siding as soon as possible once it’s recommended is the best way to guarantee your home doesn’t get more damaged. 

In some cases your siding can have damage but not need replacement. Instead siding repairs are required. Siding repair extends the lifespan of your siding by repairing problem areas. Small cracks, loose sections, and minor dry rot are typically resolved with minor repairs. Once you notice siding damage, it’s key you call a professional. A professional knows what kind of damage to look for, inspects your home, and fixes you siding in a way that doesn’t cause more harm. 


Your gutters are often overlooked. Gutters work with your roof to keep your home dry. They move water away from your home via a series of channels and downspouts to keep your roof from leaking and your top soil in good condition. Gutters that fill up and spill over the sides, have large holes, or broken pieces need to be replaced. A gutter replacement prevents roof damage and basement seepage. We use aluminum, copper and other kinds of cladding for gutter replacements for our Riverwoods IL customers. 

Sometimes your gutters are damaged but don’t need complete replacement. Gutter repair makes your gutters last longer without damaging your house. Repairing your gutters is crucial as small problems can quickly turn into large problems. Once you spot problems with your gutters call a professional. A professional fixes your home and asses any further damage. They also may suggest gutter guards to help your gutters stay cleaner and safe from blockages. 


Natural stone looks great in any home. Stone is a versatile material that can be used as part of your home interior or exterior. Use stonework as a patio, for siding, for fireplaces, or other elements in your home. Be sure to ask our team about what stone works best for the area of the home you want to use it in as stone has different properties. 


If your windows are in bad condition, you need to install new ones. Windows impact your home value and curb appeal. Old windows fail to keep the air in your home and cause drafts. Drafts end up costing you money in energy bills. New windows make your home look great and help you save money. Choose windows from our several state of the art designs, you can even install skylights or get a custom design! 


Doors and windows go hand in hand. Your doors also impact your curb appeal. Old doors are drafty and also cost you money in heating and cooling bills. A new door that complements your home siding and roof will improve your curb appeal and save you money as most newer doors are energy efficient. Invest in your home by installing a new door soon!
A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is proud to continue serving the Chicagoland area with its high quality home exterior services. So far, we have serviced 6000+ homeowners with 10,000+ jobs completed and our numbers continue to grow! Our team of experts is standing by to help your home be the best that it can be!