Pella Window Vinyl Systems

Pella offers a full range of installation systems to accommodate the installation of Pella® 350 Series and Encompass by Pella® windows and patio doors in virtually any building.

Methods of Attachment

There are two primary methods for installing vinyl windows in new construction and renovation projects: nailing fins and block frames with jamb screws. Continuous perimeter nailing fins are used when construction methods permit window and door units to be installed from the exterior prior to the application of exterior cladding — such as lap siding, brick veneer or stucco.

Jamb screws are used when construction materials or sequence dictates that the window units be installed from the interior or after the wall system is completely constructed.

Integral Fin

The integral fin design features a continuous fin, allowing the window frame to be integrated into the building’s weather-resistant barrier using the Pella® Window and Door Installation Method.1

This total installation solution includes our exclusive SmartFlash® installation tape and Great Stuff Pro Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant by The Dow Chemical Company.2

Integral Fin


Block Frame

For new construction or window replacement where normal fin/tape installation cannot be accomplished because of wall conditions or construction sequence.