Exterior Painting

Interior and Exterior Painting

We provide you with the highest quality of work and competitive prices when it comes to the interior or exterior painting for your home. From Accurate estimating, color selection and timely scheduling of your beautification you can rest easy knowing A.B. Edward painting pro’s will get the job done right.

Interior Painting:

We know how hard it is to let workers hanging in your home for few days. For that fact, we will pay an extra care while working during the project & only prime painters will work for you. After preparing the house & painting it, we will make sure that everything is back in its spot and we will clean the premises for the refreshing new look.

  • – Painting – walls, ceilings, trims, baseboards, doors, cabinets, banisters.
  • – Drywall fixing.
  • – Baseboards & trims chalking/fixing & nail holes filling.
  • – Wallpaper removal.


Exterior Painting:

Any successful exterior work begins with a thorough prep work. We know that this is the primary element if we desire the paint to stick. Our experience leads us to the ideal prep work. After the preparation step is finished, we are focusing on applying the paint or stain in a smooth & efficient way which guarantee the winning look after drying.

  • – Painting – siding (on all surfaces), trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.
  • – Staining – siding, trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.
  • – Power washing.
  • – Chualking/sealing siding.