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Oak Brook IL is known for its polo grounds, beautiful homes, and excellent schools. We are proud to offer our quality services to Oak Brook IL and the surrounding area. 


Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home exterior. This means it needs regular maintenance and proper care if it is going to do its job. Roofing repairs are critical to the life span of your roof. Repairing your roof helps your roof last longer and do its primary function. Small leaks, loose shingles, or cracked shingles are signs you need to call a contractor to help you. 

Multiple leaks, missing shingles, and holes in your roof are a sign you need more than just repair. A roofing replacement removes your old roof and installs a new one that will do a better job of keeping water and the elements out. Roofing replacements prevent severe damage from occurring to your home and its internal structure, so if one is recommended you should schedule it right away. 

Roofing replacements are a good time to think about the kind of material you want most on your roof. Different materials have different properties and some are cheaper while others are lower maintenance or more eco-friendly. Talk to your contractor about which material is best for your home whether it’s asphalt, cedar, slate, synthetic, or metal. 


Your siding is both functional and aesthetically important. The look of your siding impacts your home value and curb appeal. Siding also keeps your home free of moisture and safe from the elements. Replacing old, faded, and broken siding is a great investment in your home. New siding means a new underwrap is also likely which also helps your home’s insulation. We offer cedar, vinyl and fiber cement as our top selling kinds of siding in a variety of textures and colors. 

Siding doesn’t always need a total replacement! Smaller areas of damage such as small cracks can be repaired by a professional home exterior contractor. Siding repair keeps you from needing a replacement so make sure you call a contractor at the first sign of damage. A contractor fixes the current damages and checks for damage that may be hidden from view. Make sure your siding is in the best shape it can be in by calling a contractor. 


Gutters work with your roof and are often overlooked. Your gutters take water and move it through a series of channels away from your home so it doesn’t damage your roof, siding, or basement. Small holes, loose gutters and minor blockages that slow the flow of water require gutter repair. Gutter repairs help your gutters last longer and protect your roof. When having your gutters repaired, ask your contractor about regular maintenance and gutter guards to help your gutters stay in great shape even longer. 

For gutters that have large holes, are missing sections, and are severely blocker, you may need gutter replacement instead. Gutter replacement gives you peace of mind when it rains and snows because you can trust your newly installed gutters to do their job. New gutters keep your home safe from rainwater and the problems it brings. We offer copper, aluminum and a variety of cladding as options for your new gutters. 


Windows have an impact on the value of your home which is important if you are thinking of selling. Old and damaged windows are not attractive to homebuyers. New state of the art windows that are energy efficient will save you money on heating and cooling costs as well. If you already have great windows you may wish to install skylights which are great for any home’s health and design. We also offer customized window services. 


Your doors are very similar to windows in that they contribute to curb appeal and impact your energy bills. Worn out doors that fit their frames poorly hurt your curb appeal. A drafty door also leaks your home’s air and costs you in heating and cooling bills year round. A new door that looks great is an excellent investment as is maintains your home’s temperature, improves your home’s looks, and helps keep your house safe. 


Natural stonework is a great and luxurious addition to any home. This natural material adds a touch of the outdoors with elegance no matter where you use it. Stone can be used inside or outside, and is great as siding, fireplaces, patios, flooring, and more! Our masonry team will help you pick the best color and texture of stone to use on your home. 
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