Northfield IL

Top Quality Home Exterior Specialist in Northfield IL

Northfield IL has a reputation for being an upscale place to live not far from Chicago. We are happy to help Northfield IL maintain its reputation by contributing our work to its beautiful homes! 


Your roof is your first line of defense against the rain and snow. Make sure your roof is regularly maintained and repaired at the first sign of trouble. Roofing repairs keep your roof from needing replacement by resolving issues while they’re small. Small roof leaks and loose shingles need to be dealt with immediately to keep more moisture from entering your home an damaging your interior. 

Roofing repairs are not always enough. Roofs with large leaks, missing shingles, or very old roofs need to be replaced. Roofing replacement needs specialist expertise to be done correctly. A roofing contractor installs your new roof accurately, professionally, and with a guarantee. Attempting to install a new roof on your own results in more damage to your home – costing you more money. 

Roofing replacement gives you the opportunity to change up your home! We offer asphalt, cedar, natural slate, synthetic materials and metal as roofing options. Each material has unique benefits for your home. From cost to low maintenance to eco-friendly, we have the roofing material you’re looking for!


Your gutters work in conjunction with your roof to keep it dry from rain. Gutters collect the water and move it through a system of channels to be deposited away from your roof through a downspout. Blocked gutters force water into your roof and splash over the sides of the gutters to wash away your topsoil. Gutter replacement is needed once your gutters have stopped doing their job. Replacing your gutters saves your house from water damage during storms. 

If your gutters just have small leaks or minor blockages then they only need gutter repairs. Gutter repairs work to extend the life of gutters and keep you from needing a replacement. Gutter repairs need to be completed when the damage is small and by a professional . A home exterior specialist helps you repair your gutters and devises a maintenance plan for your home. Many times specialists recommend the installation of gutter guards to keep your gutters clear of debris year round. 


Cracked and damaged siding hurts your curb appeal and home value. Replace your old and damaged siding to restore the monetary value of your home, change up the look of your house, and keep it warm and dry. We offer a wide variety of siding options for our Northfield IL customers. Traditional vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement are all options with many varieties of color, texture, and more.  A siding replacement also lets you change the underwrap on your home – improving insulation and watertightness. 

Small cracks in your siding are cause for concern, but not a sign of needing a replacement. Getting your siding replaced is key to extending its lifespan. Repairing cracks and reattaching loose sections keeps your siding safe from moistures and free of pest infestations. Siding repair needs to be done by a home exterior professional. This ensures the repairs are done properly and that hidden damage is checked for – keeping you from accidently doing more harm than good. 


The installation of stone adds a natural element to your home. Incorporating stonework into your home projects also improves the value of your home and boosts curb appeal. Stone is a luxurious material that is very versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. Use natural stonework in your home as flooring, on your patio or even as a fireplace or siding. Let our masonry experts help you install the best stone for the job to make sure you get the best kind of stone for the job! 


Windows have a huge impact on your curb appeal too! Your windows are part of the face of your house. Old and damaged windows hurt your curb appeal and also cost you money! Any drafty window is costing you in heating and cooling bills. Installing a new and energy efficient window is a great investment for your home as it saves you money on energy costs while increasing the value of your home. In addition to regular windows we also offer skylights and custom solutions. 


Similarly to your windows, your doors are part of your curb appeal and impact your energy bills. Drafty doors contribute to higher bills just like windows do – by leaking air in and out of your home nd making the heating and cooling systems work harder. Install a new door for a better look and energy efficiency. A new door helps your curb appeal and will make it easier to sell your home too! 

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