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North Barrington IL has a longstanding reputation for beautiful and luxurious homes. We are pleased to be serving the North Barrington IL area which is known for its excellence. 


Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your house when it comes to protection from the elements. Roofs are exposed to harsh temperatures and various weather extremes. Rain, snow, even sun affect your roof and cause it to age. Old and damaged roofs need roof replacement. Roof replacement gives you a brand new roof and peace of mind when it rains. Roof replacements should only be done by professionals as you could get hurt or install your roof incorrectly and cause more damaged to your home. 

For more minor issues such as leaks and loose shingles roof repair is essential. Roof repairs extend the life of your roof by preventing damage from spreading to other part of your roof and home structure. Your roofing contractor will inspect your roof for current damage and hidden damage that you may not notice and fix these problems. It’s key to have a trained eye look at your roof to make sure all issues are resolved to keep your roof healthy.

Did you know that there are more options than just asphalt out there? We offer roofing installation, repairs, and maintenance for asphalt, cedar, natural slate, synthetic slate, synthetic cedar, and metal. Investigate your options as these materials have different benefits and some may be more suitable for your home than others. 


Siding on your home is part of your house’s curb appeal and impacts the value of your house. Your siding needs to be in good repair to keep your home structure safe from moisture, mold, and pests. If you notice small cracks, loose sections, or insect nests call a home exterior specialist. A specialist fixes the cracks, checks the underwrap layer for damage, and can spot signs of the dreaded dry rot that comes with siding damage. 

If there is too much damage to your siding it needs replacement. Replacing your siding often involves the removal and replacement of your underwrap layer as well. New siding is needed when you are missing areas of your siding, have large breaks and cracks, or evidence of leaks and mold. We carry cedar, vinyl, and fiber cement as our top siding options. Be sure to talk to your contractor about maintenance to help your siding last longer after a replacement. 


Your gutters serve an important role when it comes to your home exterior. Gutters take the water from your roof and deposit it away from your home to protect your foundation and your home exterior. Gutters that are badly damaged are often blocked, have holes, or missing sections. Severe damage requires gutter replacement. Replacing your gutters guarantees you peace of mind when it rains or snows. Consider your options when it comes to gutter materials as we offer aluminum, cladding, and copper to our customers. 

If your gutters only have small cracks or slight blockages then it is likely you will be able to get gutter repairs instead. Gutter repairs keep your gutters going strong a bit longer before the need for replacement. A gutter repair specialist fixes the holes, removes the blockages, and helps you devise a plan for maintenance. They may also suggest the installation of gutter guards to help your gutters stay debris free in between maintenance appointments. 


Windows need to look good and do their job well if they are going to be beneficial to your home’s value and curb appeal. Old and cracked windows decrease the value of your home while leaking air in and out of your house costing you money in energy bills. Installing new windows is a great investment in your home. State of the art, energy efficient windows boost home value and help you save on heating and cooling costs. Don’t see anything you like for windows? We also offer skylights and custom work as well. 


Your door is always going to be noticed by your guests. Make sure your home looks great by taking care of your doors. Old doors, just like old windows, leak air in and out of your home and end up costing you money. Keep your home value high with a new energy efficient door. We offer several styles and colors so be sure to consider all your options. 


Natural stone enhances the look and value of any home. Stonework is a great way to introduce natural elements into you home that are versatile and long lasting. Stone can be used for your home’s interior or exterior – and is often used as siding, for fireplaces, or patios and floors. Let our masonry experts help you choose the best kind of stone for your house and help you add a natural touch for your next project. 
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