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A Perfect Time for Development

In the Chicagoland area, the medical building construction is ongoing. The region has a large population of elderly residents requiring ongoing care. There are also thousands of new residents moving into the area each day. This has created an enormous demand for medical services of all types.

It’s All in the Details

It’s the details that make or break a project. Few owners/developers have the time or resources to pay close attention to every detail during construction. We offer experienced management that is highly detail oriented. Services include pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise.

Holistic Approach to Design and Construction

Making a holistic approach to design and construction, Kline delivers not just building solutions, but business solutions that: Facilitate revenue generation and operating cost efficiencies, Promote the patients’ peace of mind, Facilitate efficient work flow relative to patient traffic and diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up sequencing, Ensure compatibility of the space with the latest medical and surgical technologies and furnishings and provide staff-friendly environments, promoting quality of work life.

Designed for Function

A welcoming appearance is important to any medical or surgical facility design. Assuring patients that the doctors on the inside are just as warm and inviting as the appearance on the outside.Work space optimized for ease of use by the doctors is most important. Creating a useful work environment is beneficial to patients and doctors.

Traffic Control and Reception Area

Traffic patterns are vital for medical centers and clinics. The configuration of the reception desk, waiting area, examination rooms and surgical facilities must allow for good traffic flow that minimizes movement and ensures safe entry and exit of patients. When it comes to healthcare construction of any kind, experience makes all the difference. Whether you want to renovate or upfit a medical building, create an addition, or build a new healthcare facility, understanding the details of a project is critical to its success. As a leading construction company and with 10+ years behind us, Integrty is a trusted source for your medical building construction project.