Lumon Balcony and Terrace Retractable Glass

Lumon Balcony and Terrace Glass

Expand and Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space with Retractable Glass Walls

The Lumon glass systems are designed to cover and protect your balcony and terrace with style. Fully retractable and frameless Lumon balcony glass and glass terrace systems transforms an unused balcony or a simple deck into a solarium where the changing seasons can truly be enjoyed. Imagine the possibilities for extending the entertainment season. Turn your terrace or balcony into a space of your dreams.


Spend more time outdoors in comfort and style with our frameless retractable glass walls, balcony railings and coverings for balconies, sunrooms and patios. Get protection from wind, rain, UV rays and pests with retractable glass that’s easy to use, low maintenance and beautiful!

Here are just some of the reasons why house and condo owners love our retractable glass walls, balcony railings and coverings:

  • – Beautifies outdoor space
  • – Makes outdoor space more useable and comfortable 
  • – Protects from wind, rain, sun and other elements
  • – Deploys easily
  • – Constructed of highest quality materials
  • – Comes with generous warranty protection
  • – Protects patio furniture from UV rays and rain
  • – Allows maximum natural light
  • – Requires little maintenance
  • – Reduces noise
  • – Increases security
  • – Enhances resale value
  • – Provides added safety for kids and pets
  • – Increases privacy.


Lumon Frameless Retractable Glass Walls are Durable and Easy to Use

Lumon retractable glass walls are strong, easy to maintain and simple enough for a child to use. Transforming your outdoor space into a year-round place for relaxing and entertaining couldn’t be easier.

Retractable Balcony Glass

Retractable Balcony Glass
Retractable Balcony Glass

Retractable Terrace Glass

Retractable Terrace Glass
Retractable Terrace Glass