Lincolnshire IL

Top Rated Home Exterior Contractor In Lincolnshire IL 

Lincolnshire IL is home to many award winning schools and several corporation’s headquarters. Beautiful homes are also a staple in Lincolnshire IL and we are accustomed to the high expectations of the community when it comes to quality materials and service. 


Roofing repairs are critical to keeping your home dry and safe from the elements. Repairs are needed when you see cracks, loose sections of roofing, or notice leaks in your home. Once you notice these problems we recommend you call a professional contractor. A licensed, insured contractor repairs damaged areas of your roof and makes sure no further damage has been done. In addition to fixing your roof a contractor advises you on how to maintain your roof to extend its lifespan. 

If your roof is too damaged then repairs won’t be possible. Instead, roof replacement is needed. Roof replacements increase the value of your home and boost your curb appeal. A new roof gives you peace of mind when it rains, and is a sound investment for your home. A professional contractor needs to be called to do a replacement as attempting it on your own can put you in danger or cause more damaged to your house. 

Be sure to learn about all your options when it comes to roof replacements. Not all options have the same costs, maintenance, or benefits and some are more eco-friendly than others. We currently offer asphalt, cedar, slate, synthetic materials, and metal as our top roofing options to our customers in Lincolnshire IL. Ask about which materials are best for your home and budget!


Your roof teams up with your gutters to keep your house dry during rain and snow. Keeping your gutters in good repair is important for the well being of your home. Small issues with your gutters like loose sections and blockages can be fixed with gutter repairs. Gutter repairs enable your gutters to continue doing their job efficiently. The repairs also extend the life of your roof and gutters too!

Large holes, cracks, missing sections, and downspouts require gutter replacement. While replacing your gutters may not be ideal it’s critical to keep your home in good condition. We offer several options for gutter materials including cladding, aluminum, and copper. Your new gutters will protect your home when it rains and snows, so make sure you ask your contractor about the best way to maintain them. Also ask if gutter guards are recommended for the type of gutters you have purchased to help keep your gutters debris free. 


Siding can be overlooked on a home exterior’s to do list. Cracked, faded, and missing areas of siding demonstrate you need siding replacement. Siding replacement usually includes a replacement of your home’s underwrap layer as well – so once your siding is replaced you can rest easy knowing your home is safe from moisture, pests, and insulated from the elements. We offer a wide variety of siding colors and textures with vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement being our main materials on offer. 

Sometimes though, damage to your siding is minor and easily fixed with repairs. Siding repairs keep damage to your siding from spreading. They also ensure that your current siding last longer and that hidden damage has not occurred to your home. Repairing your siding is the best way to prevent needing complete siding replacement so when you spot a problem be sure to call. 


Your windows play a part in your home’s curb appeal and value. Newer windows that are energy efficient and well maintained help houses sell faster as the house looks more attractive to the buyer. They also save you money on energy bills. Old and damaged windows are more than just an eyesore – they’re costly! They leak air into and out of your home which ends up increasing your heating and cooling bills. If you’re looking for windows, we offer a wide variety of windows, skylights, and roof lights as well as custom work!


Just like your windows your doors have a significant impact on your curb appeal. Doors that are battered and worn will not impress home appraisers or future buyers. They too leak air and raise your energy bills! Installing a new door is a great investment as it helps save you money while raising the value of your house. 


Natural stonework looks amazing in almost any home. Installing stone is a great way to add a touch of natural luxury, and it’s versatile too! Stone looks great as a patio or fireplace or even siding! Let our masonry experts help you pick the right color and texture or stone for your house!
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