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Lake Forest IL  sits on the shores of Lake Michigan and has many home built by historic architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. We are pleased to continue serving this beautiful area as we have done for the past 15 years. 


Roofing replacement is a key service homeowners need to keep their homes protected from the elements. When your roof has missing shingles, impact damage, or several leaks it needs to be replaced. Replacing your roof helps your home stay safe and dry. We recommend calling a licensed and insured roofing contractor to do your roofing replacement. Attempting to DIY your own roof installation can result in personal injury and more damage to your home if shingles are not installed properly. A roofing replacement also boosts your home value. A new roof is more appealing to homeowners as the likelihood of it needing repair is very low. 

Replacing your roof lets you change the material you use if you want. Asphalt, cedar, natural slate, synthetic materials, and metal are all roofing materials we use. A new roof gives you the opportunity to use a different color, chance your eco-friendliness, install a long lasting roof, or switch to something low maintenance. Be sure to talk to talk to your contractor to figure out which material is right for you as each material has its own pros and cons. 

Many times a roof problem can be resolved with repairs instead of replacement. Roofing repairs keep your home from needing a new roof. Smaller leaks, loose shingles, and cracked shingles are all signs you need roofing repair. Neglecting to repair your roof results in more damage, and sometimes expensive damage. If you notice a leak or a see a problem – let your roofing contractor know right away. A roofing contractor fixes your roof, looks for hidden damage, and helps you devise a maintenance plan to help your roof last as long as possible. 


Siding plays a massive role in curb appeal – so if you’re thinking of selling your home you want it to be perfect. Even if you’re not selling your home, siding makes your home look great and protects you from the elements. Cracked siding with missing pieces or insect infestations lets moisture into your housing structure causing rot, mold, and pests infestations. Replace your siding with any of our siding materials in a variety of colors and textures including fiber cement, cedar, and vinyl. Also ask you contractor about the underwrap that goes on your home during siding replacement to make sure it’s in good condition too! 

Siding damage doesn’t always equate to siding replacement. Damage to your siding such as small cracks, loose pieces, and small areas of dry rot or insect nests can be fixed with siding repair. Siding repair services help your siding last longer and keep your home dry and warm. Make sure you don’t try to fix siding yourself as repairs done incorrectly can result in more damage to your home. 


Gutters are the overlooked and hardest working part of your home. Your gutters move water away from your home to keep your roof from leaking and your basement from seeping and flooding. Small cracks, loose sections of your gutters and overflowing blocked gutters are a sure sign you need your gutters repaired. Gutter repairs extend the life on your gutters and keep your home safe from water damage. It’s also important to maintain your gutters, so ask your contractor about a maintenance schedule or even gutter guards to help keep your gutters healthy longer. 

If your gutters are missing sections, completely blocked, or have holes you need a gutter replacement. Gutter replacements install new gutters to better protect your home from rain, snow, and storms. Neglecting to replace your gutters allows larger problems to happen. Severely blocked gutters push water up into your roof and home. Overflowing gutters wash away important top soil that protects your foundation. If your gutters appear to be severely damaged, get them replaced by a professional.  We offer aluminum, copper, and other types of cladding as options. 


Natural stonework is a luxurious looking option for any home. This versatile material can be used both on interior home projects and exterior home projects. There are many beautiful types of stone to choose from, and our team can help you pick the best option for your house. Consider stone for use as siding, patios, interior fireplaces and more! Stone and masonry even look great in the kitchen and with the right sealants is easy to clean. Ask about our stone and masonry options to help your home look amazing. 


Your door impacts your curb appeal and home value. An old and weak door does not attract or impress prospective buyers. As the door is one of the first things people see when visiting your home – it needs to look good. An old door can also be costing you valuable money in heating and cooling bills. Old doors can’t maintain the temperature of your home and are drafty, raising your energy bills. A new good looking door that is energy efficient is an investment in your safety and home value, as well as more economical when it comes to your heating and cooling costs. 


Much like your doors, your windows play a role in curb appeal. Old, cracked, dirty, and damaged windows decrease the value of your home. They also raise your heating and cooling costs as they too allow drafts in! Replace your window with newer and better looking options – many of which are energy efficient. We carry several kinds of state of the art windows as well as skylights, roof lights, and custom options. 

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