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Lake Barrington IL is a picturesque village situated on Lake Barrington. This beautiful region is used to a high quality service and materials being used on their homes and we are proud to continue our work in Lake Barrington IL. 


Your roof is undeniably one of your largest investments when it comes to your home. Your roof protects your home, contributes to your curb appeal, and plays a large role in the value of your home if you are looking to sell it. Roof repair keeps your roof in good shape and extends its life. Roof leaks are a sure sign you need roof repair – as are cracked or loose shingles. A professional roofing contractor is licensed, insured, fixes your roof, and helps you devise a maintenance plan for your roof. Roofing repair is essential to the lifespan of your roof and the safety of your home. Neglecting to repair you roof causes more severe damage – which leads to a more expensive roof replacement. 

Roof replacements are needed when a roof is too severely damaged or old to repair any further. Missing shingles, major leaks, and cracked or weak shingles mean it’s time to replace your roof. Not replacing your roof on time can cause structural damage to your home – which is both expensive and time consuming. A professional roofing contractor will remove and dispose of your old roof, and install a new one in its place. Your new roof can last between 15 and 100 years depending on the material you choose. 

Replacing your roof, while not always an ideal situation, gives you a great opportunity to use a newer, longer lasting, or more eco-friendly material on your roof. We carry many shades and textures of asphalt to help you customize the look of your home. If you’re looking for something more natural or long lasting, we carry cedar, slate, synthetic materials, and metal. Many of these materials are energy efficient and eco-friendly – so make sure you talk to your contractor about options!


Gutters often go overlooked by the average homeowner. Your roof and your gutter work together to keep your home dry – so gutters in good condition are key! When gutters have holes or are missing sections, it’s time to replace them. Replacing your gutters gives you peace of mind about your home when it rains. We offer a variety of materials for gutter replacements including aluminum, copper, and cladding. Don’t let your gutter problems go unchecked! Badly damaged gutters can cause roof leaks and basement seepage so call a contractor if you notice any issues. 

Sometimes gutter problems can be patched up with simple gutter repair. Gutters that are coming away loose from the house, leak, or seem blocked can be helped by a gutter contractor and repaired. Repairing your gutters increases their functionality, and also extends their lifespan. A contractor will fix your gutters, and often help you devise a maintenance schedule to keep your gutters at their best. Ask about gutter guards to cut back on maintenance and have few gutter clogs too!


Everyone notices your siding – so make sure it looks good. Dirty and cracked siding doesn’t help your curb appeal one bit – and it’s also bad for your home value. Dry rot, missing and broken siding, or faded siding means it’s time to replace it! Replacing your siding boosts your home value and curb appeal with new great looking siding. It also keeps your home dry and free of pests as the underwrap is usually replaced as well. We offer several kinds of siding for you to use on your house, from traditional vinyl to fiber cement. Each of these materials has variety of colors and textures too so be sure to explore all your options. 

If your siding has minor cracks or is loose in places, you only need siding repair. Repairing your siding is important to keep your home free of leaks and prevent other problems like pest infestation and mold growth. Siding repair helps your siding last longer and stay strong against wind and rain. The sooner your siding is repaired the better, so if you have notice any problems with your siding, call a contractor to help.


Old, damaged windows don’t make your home look good. In fact, they hurt your curb appeal and are costing you money! Your old drafty windows are failing to maintain the temperature in your home – costing you money in your heating and cooling bills. Installing a new energy efficient window helps you save money on these bills, and it also increases your home value. In addition to regular windows, we also offer skylights, roof lights, and custom options as well!


Just like your windows, your doors play a large role in your curb appeal. Old doors that are unfashionable, damaged, or faded hurt your  home value by not attracting prospective buyers. Your old doors also tend to be drafty, which costs you money in heating and cooling bills year round. It’s best to get a new door installed if your door is no longer insulating your home, or if looks very old and work. We offer top quality doors that keep your home safe and secure and look great too.


Stonework is an excellent addition to any home. One of the best things about stone is that it is versatile and easy to use both inside and outside of your home. Our team of experts can help you pick the right kind of stone, shade, and texture for your next project. Use stone for siding, floors, patios, fireplaces, and more! Call a contractor today to find out more about our current stock of stone and how to use it as a luxury material in your home. 
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