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Your roof is a critical aspect of your curb appeal and your home safety. It protects the rest of your home from the elements. Roof replacement is unfortunate but sometimes needed – and key when it comes to keeping your roof in good condition. Replacing your roof is recommended when you have too many cracker or missing shingles, or several roof leaks. These problems demonstrate that your roof is in very poor condition. We recommend that your roof replacement only be done by a professional. Attempting to install a new roof on your own is dangerous for your and your home! Personal injury, trapped moistures, incorrect shingle spacing, and more are all consequences of attempting to replace your own roof. 

If your roof is not too badly damaged it can be repaired instead of replaced. Roofing repair needs to be done when your roof has loose or cracked shingles or fungal growth. A roofing contractor will resolve the leaks or other issues you have with your roof. Your roof needs repair whenever a problem arises so it does not get more damaged or let your home and roofing structure get damaged. A roofing contractor also helps you devise a plan for maintenance to extend the life of your roof even more. 

Roof replacements are a great time to learn about new or longer lasting roofing materials. We offer asphalt, cedar, natural slate, synthetic slate, synthetic cedar, and metal as roofing materials for our Kildeer IL customers. Changing your roofing material lets you choose a more eco-friendly product like slate or cedar, and also lets you install a longer lasting material too. Each material has its unique benefits so talk to your contractor about what the best option is for your home’s needs


Siding replacement gives your home a new and sturdy line of defense from the elements when your old siding can no longer function. Broken siding with missing pieces, fungal growth, or dry rot requires replacement to prevent damage to the underlying structure of your home. Be aware when you replace your siding that your underlying protective wrap may also need to be replaced. New underlying wrap and new siding will improve your curb appeal, boost home value, and prevent severe damage from occurring to your home interior. We offer vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement as our most popular siding materials. 

Your siding doesn’t always need to be replaced. Some damage is easily fixed with siding repair instead. Smaller cracks and loose sections of siding are remedied easily by a professional contractor. When you notice siding damage it’s important to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Letting damage go unrepaired invites larger problems like insect infestation and mold growth in your home. Siding repair also extends the life span of your siding on the whole. 


Your roof and gutters are a team. Water runs down your roof into your gutters where it is funneled away from your home. Gutters protect your home from roof leaks, rotting roof structures, and basement seepage. Once your gutters have holes, are missing sections, or have severe blockages and broken downspouts, they no longer are working and need to be replaced. Neglecting your gutters causes dangerous amounts of damage to your home that can cost thousands. 

Minor issues with your gutters like small blockages, loose sections, and small cracks can be fixed with gutter repairs. Gutter repairs help your gutters last longer and keep your home safe and dry. Not fixing your gutters is a recipe for more problems. A professional contractor fixes your gutters and assists you with developing a maintenance plan. Be sure to ask about installing gutter guards to keep your gutters cleaner and help make them more low maintenance. 


Natural stonework gives your home a luxurious touch. Stone is a versatile material that is great for the interior and exterior of your home. As stone is a natural material there are dozens of types to choose from. Our contractors will help you choose the right color and texture of stone to add to your house. Whether it’s the patio, siding, or a kitchen floor – stone is a beautiful addition to any home. 


Your windows are a part of your curb appeal. Old and worn out windows hurt the value of your home and your curb appeal to potential buyers. Replacing your windows boosts your home’s value – particularly if they are newer models that are energy efficient and eco-friendly. If you’ve noticed your windows having cracks and drafts then it really is time to replace your windows in order to save money. Drafts cost you money by leaking air into your home and raising your energy bills. New windows are a great investment in your home – and they save you money on energy!


Doors are part of your curb appeal too. Battered old doors don’t help your home value or curb appeal. A new door looks great and is better engineered to help your home. Guests and visitors will notice a stylish new door once it’s installed. A new door installation also saves you money on energy bills. Similar to windows, doors can also be drafty and cost you money in heating and cooling bills. Talk to a contractor about the best kind of door and material of door for your home for a boost in curb appeal and lower energy bills. 
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