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In areas where snow and ice are inevitable seasonal incidents, you want to make sure you watch out for roofing snow and ice damage. Ice and snow can cause significant roofing damage, and if left ignored, it can most likely cause water damage inside your home.

Anytime snow and ice exist on your roof, you need to strive to clear it off as quickly as possible. Snow and ice that collects on your roofing system can possibly lead to a roofing collapse due to the weight. And, if you do not clear that roofing system of that heavy snow and ice, you’ll discover that the snow will function as a sponge, soaking up added sleet and rain, adding to the anxiety already present on your roofing. Also, if you allow ice dams to form, water will build up on your roof and cause leaks into your house. If you feel there might be a potential problem with your roofing system, we will come out to offer you a totally free roofing evaluation in order to address your instant concerns.

How Ice Dams Form

Roofing Ice Dams

When snow and ice are present on your roofing, to decrease the formation of roof ice dams and the danger of your roofing collapsing or ending up being significantly harmed attempt a few of the following:

  • – If possible, make use of a snow rake (readily available at most hardware stores) to remove snow and ice from your roofing.
  • – Clear off snow and ice to within 2 or three feet from the edge of your roof to reduce the forming of ice dams.
  • – Must your roofing currently have ice dams, don’t remove them. Instead create channels every three to four feet to enable water to drain down off your roof.
  • – If you observe large icicles on your roofing system’s overhangs, carefully eliminate them from overhanging doorways and sidewalks to prevent dangers of injury to guests and property.

What is Ice Damming? We Fix Ice Dams

Roofing Professionals Who Repair Ice Dams

A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. are Chicagoland’s local roofing professionals who repair ice dams. Snow and ice sliding off roofings can damage valves, tanks and other gas and oil equipment. Likewise, snow and ice can clog heating vents causing a lethal, carbon monoxide gas backup in your house or commercial building, threatening residents.

Chicagoland Ice Dam Removal Service
Chicagoland Ice Dam Removal Service

If you are ever concerned about the snow and ice build-up on your house, call our Roof Snow & Ice Damage Company at A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. at (847) 827-1605.

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