Latest Home Exterior Work in Lake Forest

Completed Home Exterior in Lake Forest

Take a look at one of our latest home exterior projects located in Lake Forest IL! We are proud to have completed yet another project in the Chicagoland area – particularly Lake Forest IL – which is know for its beautiful and high quality homes!

We Do A Variety Of Jobs

This house needed a new roof, a new porch, siding replacement, skylight installation, and gutters – all of which were proudly done by A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. As home exterior experts we pride ourselves on our ability to handle all home exterior needs that our customer has. We find that it is often more convenient for our customers if we are able to complete more than one kind of home exterior job. Our main areas of service include roofing repair and roofing replacement – and our teams are trained in a wide variety of roofing materials from slate to cedar to asphalt. 

The finished product
The finished product

In addition to our roofing services we also offer a full complement of gutter services – gutter replacement, and gutter repair/maintenance. This house had its gutters replaced as part of the home exterior project we completed. On this home we installed new aluminum gutter system to keep the house free of water and safe from leaks and basement flooding. Old shutters were also removed to improve the look of the home, and two bay windows were replaced with higher quality new windows that not only make the home exterior look great – but also are more energy efficient!

Framing the door and working on construction
Framing the door and working on construction

An exciting aspect of this job was the installation and construction of  a new porch and re framing the door on the front of the house. These kinds of jobs require expertise and care to make sure this does not affect the functionality of the door. We also replaced an old skylight with a newer and energy efficient model from FAKRO! 

As you can see from the before photo, the siding on this house also needed some help – so we removed and replaced it as well, giving the home a fresh new look with high quality materials that will last a long time and look great! 

Before we remodeled the exterior
Before we remodeled the exterior
Home exterior project
The finished home exterior project

Trust The Experts

If you’re thinking about completing a home exterior project, contact us for an appointment. In addition to gutter and roof services we also do siding repair and siding replacement, as well as soffit and fascia work. We’re your top Chicagoland one stop shop for all things home exterior! With over 15 years of experience in the Chicagoland area, an A+ rating from the BBB and over 5500+ happy customers served you can be assured your home is in good hands with A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. 

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