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Hinsdale IL is known for its beautiful luxurious homes and high quality shops and restaurants. We are pleased to continue working in the Hinsdale IL area out of our new design studio based there! 


Your roof plays a large role in your curb appeal, home value, and home protection. Roofs work hard and are exposed to hot temperatures, direct sunlight, rain, snow, and wind. It’s only natural they will need roofing repair at some time or another. Roofing repair is needed when your roof has leaks, cracked or loose shingles, or has been through a severe storm. Getting these problems addressed immediately extends the life of your roof and keeps your home dry. We do not recommend doing repairs yourself as personal injury and further damage to your roof are possible. An incorrectly repaired roof costs far more than a contractor, so call a professional once you notice problems. 

Sometimes roofing repair is not possible due to severity of damage or the age of the roof. In this case roofing replacement is needed. Roofing replacement gets rid of your old roof and allows a new one to be installed in its place. Replacing your roof increases your home value and keeps your home safe from rain and moisture. Neglecting to replace your roof allows damage to your roofing and home structure to occur so get your roof replaced as soon as possible. 

When replacing your roof, you have an opportunity to use a new material on your home for a roof. There are many different options to choose from, some are more eco-friendly, affordable, or long lasting than others. Ask your contractor about which materials are best for your house. We offer asphalt, cedar, natural slate, synthetic cedar, synthetic slate, and metal as our top requested options. 


Siding is one of the first things people see on your house. Old, cracked, siding that has missing pieces or insect nests needs immediate replacement. Siding replacement keeps your home protected from moisture, mold, leaks, and pests. It often involves the replacement of the underwrap of your home as well – making it more water tight. We offer a  variety of siding materials like vinyl, cedar, fiber cement and more as replacement options. 

Your siding may not need replacing, if the damage is small and isolated, siding repair is more likely. Siding repairs fixes the problems you have and extends the lifespan of your siding. Repairing your siding requires special training and skills, so call a contractor. A contractor fixes the problems, checks for hidden damage, and helps you devise a plan to maintain your siding properly. 


Your gutters and roof work together as a team when it rains and snows. Gutters take rain water and melted snow and move it off of your roof and away from your through its network of channels. When your gutters have holes, blockages, or are spilling over they damage your roof and your the rest of your home. Badly damaged gutters push water up into your roof causing leaks, and spill over water washing away the topsoil that covers your foundation – causing basement seepage and leaks. Replace your gutters with new state of the art ones made of aluminum or copper. We also offer cladding as a gutter option for our Hinsdale IL customers. 

Small holes and loose gutters signify you only need gutter repair. Gutter repairs extend the life of your current gutters and delay the need for replacement. Repairing your gutters is critical if you want to make sure further damage to your home does not occur. A contractor fixes your gutters and looks to make sure no damage happened to your roof. Ask your contractor about seasonal gutter maintenance and gutter guard installation. Gutter guards and regular maintenance make your gutters last even longer!


Your windows help your curb appeal. Cracked, old, damaged windows don’t look good or help the value of your home. Older windows also cause drafts in your home. Drafts in the winter or summer cost you money in energy bills! A new state of the art set of windows boosts your curb appeal and saves you money on heating and cooling bills. We offer a large variety of new window designs for you to choose from, as well as skylights, roof lights, and sun tunnels. If you still haven’t found the right match, talk to us about custom options. 


Natural stonework adds luxury to your house. Masonry adds a timeless and natural element to your house in a way other materials can’t. Stone is also versatile and great to use as an interior or exterior material. Let our experts help you choose the best color and texture of stone for your next project whether its siding, a fireplace, or a patio. 


Just like your windows, your doors play a large role in your curb appeal. Old worn out doors don’t look good to you or your guests, lowering your home value if you are planning to sell it. Old doors are also drafty and cost you money in heating and cooling bills. A new door looks great and improves your curb appeal. New doors are investments that keep your home safe,  warm, and looking great. We offer a large variety of doors that are engineered to be energy efficient as well so invest in your home and install a new door with us! 
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