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Your roof needs special care and attention to keep it in good working order. No matter what your roofing material is, over time it will need repairs. Roofing repairs are best left to professionals – this way you don’t accidentally do more damage to your home instead of helping it. Roofing repair helps extend the life of your roof by fixing small problems before they have the chance to do larger amounts of damage to your roof and home structure. Cracked shingles, loose shingles, and roof leaks all are sure signs you need roof repairs done. 

If your roof is too damaged or too old for repairs to help, you will need a roof replacement. Roofing replacement removes your old and damaged roof and replaces it with a new one. It is important to get a new roof if you are advised to do so, as leaving a damaged and old roof on can allow moisture into your roofing and home structure – causing leaks and even dangerous mold! An old roof also is inefficient when it comes to energy – and may be costing you hundreds in heating and cooling costs!

The good news about a roof replacement, however, is that you get to look at a new material for your home. We offer a wide range of roofing materials that are eco-friendly, energy efficient, unique looking, and affordable. A new roof is an investment so be sure to talk to your contractor about life spans, what will look best, and proper care and maintenance. We currently offer asphalt, cedar, natural slate, synthetic slate, synthetic cedar, and metal as our top requested roofing materials. 


Siding helps keep your home safe from the elements. It also is a large factor when it comes to curb appeal. Old, damaged siding with cracks or missing pieces needs immediate replacement. Siding replacement often involves re-doing the underwrap of your home too – so if you’ve had leaks or drafts this process will certainly help. Leaving siding in poor condition on your home allows moisture and pests to sneak into your home, and can even encourage the growth of mold! We are proud to offer a variety of siding options including vinyl and fiber cement in a variety of textures and colors to help you keep your home looking great and protected from the outdoors. 

Siding repair prevents you from needing a siding replacement. Small cracks, loose siding, and external mold growth often just needs a small fix to keep your siding working. Neglecting to repair siding leads to larger problems, so it’s important to call a contractor if you notice any issues. Our teams have experience working on a variety of siding materials. We suggest calling a professional to fix your siding to make sure you get a full siding inspection and checked for any hidden damage that may have occurred. 


People rarely consider their gutters when it comes to home exterior work. Your gutters are your top defense against rain and ice. Gutters move water away from your home. This protects your roof from leaks and other damage. Blocked gutters, gutters with holes, or loose gutters hurt your home by allowing water to seep into your roof and even wash away top soil that covers your foundation. Badly damaged gutters need replacement to help your roof stay safe and dry. We offer gutters in aluminum, copper, and various kinds of cladding to help your home look great and stay dry. 

Gutter problems sometimes just need a quick repair. To ensure you don’t need a replacement, it’s best to get gutter repair as soon as you notice problems. Gutter repairs are great for small blockages, damaged sections of your gutters and loose areas or downspouts. When the contractor comes they may also suggest preventative measures like gutter guards to further extend the life of your gutters and prevent repair. 


Everyone notices your door. Make sure your doors look great and are up to date. Doors have an influence on curb appeal as they are one of the first things people see when visiting your home. An up to date door will boost your curb appeal and home value easily! In addition to looking great a new door can help you save on energy bills. Old doors don’t keep your home temperature controlled well. The leaking of hot or cold air outside and the allowance for drafts can cost you money! Invest in a new door to have a great looking home and save money. 


Natural stone is a stunning addition to any house. It’s also quite versatile! Use stone and masonry work for your siding, patio, or even interior walls, fireplaces, and floors! Stone offers a wide variety of textures and colors for you to choose from. Our team of experts can help you pick the best way to incorporate stone into your next home project. 


Your windows, like your doors, are part of your curb appeal. Old and damaged windows lower the value of your home. They also fail to maintain the temperature of your home interior. To increase the value of your home, we offer many state of the art and energy efficient windows. If you are considering skylights, roof lights, or sun tunnels – we have those too!
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