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Hawthorn Woods IL is a beautiful area known for its luxurious homes as well as a top quality country club. We are proud to continue our work in the Hawthorn Woods IL area as we have done for the past 15 years with excellent service and high quality products. 


Your roof is an important defense against rain and the elements. It needs to be get in good repair to help it continue to do its job. Roof repair keeps your roof strong and extends its lifespan. Cracked shingles, loose shingles, or leaks signify your roof needs repair – so call a contractor. A contractor fixes your roof, looks for hidden damage, and gives you important information on the best possible care options for your roof. We highly recommend to not undertake repairs on your own as doing so often does more damage than good and traps in moisture – costing you more money down the line for a bigger problem!

If your roof is too damaged, it will need to be replaced. Roofing replacement is often something not many homeowners want to do – but it is often required. Neglecting to repair your roof allows serious damage to your home and structure to occur. Replacing your roof, however, gives you peace of mind that your home is safe from the elements. Replacing a roof gives you the chance to pick newer materials too! We offer a wide variety of materials for all budgets and types of home. Asphalt, cedar, slate, synthetic materials, and metal are all materials we specialize in. 


Your gutters help move water off your roof and away from your house. They protect your roof from leaks and your foundation from being washed away by the rain. Be sure you keep your gutters in good repair year round! Repairing your gutters fixes holes, removes blockages, and fastens gutters securely to your home. These repairs ensure that your gutters are able to do their best.

Gutters that are too damaged or old need to be replaced. Replacing gutters saves your home from severe damage when it rains. We are pleased to offer aluminum, copper, and other types of cladding for home gutters. Gutters keep your home dry so be sure to call a professional to have them replaced. A gutter services contractor replaces your gutters with new materials and gives you advice for their care. You may want to ask about gutter guards too to help decrease the frequency of repairs!


Repairing your siding keeps it clean and functional. Siding keeps your home free of moisture and pests, so it’s crucial to keep it in good condition. If you don’t repair your siding, problems can spread, pests can nest, and you may need to spend more money later to solve bigger problems. Siding repair needs to be done by an expert so that hidden damage can be spotted – in particular dry rot. 

If your siding is too damaged for further repair it will need siding replacement. Replacing siding is a great way to boost your home value and curb appeal. We carry a variety of siding materials from traditional vinyl to fiber cement in an array of colors that is sure to look great on your house. Replacing your siding protects your house from rain, wind, bugs, and more so be sure to call a contractor for an appointment. 


Stone is a natural and flattering material to incorporate into your home. Our masonry experts will help you choose the best color, texture, and place to put stonework in your home. Stone is great as an interior or exterior material. Siding, patios, fireplaces, and flooring are all great ways to use stonework in your house. Natural stone is also a luxurious addition to your home that will increase your home value. 


Your windows are important when it comes to your curb appeal. Newer windows that are in good repair attract positive attention and boost your home value – particularly when they are energy efficient! Old windows don’t maintain the inside of your home’s temperature, costing you money in energy bills. Make sure you ask about our state of the art skylights and sun tunnels too!


Just like your windows, your doors contribute to your curb appeal. Your doors are among the first things your guests notice. An old and worn out looking door doesn’t help your curb appeal or home value. It also raises your energy bills in the same way that old windows do – by failing to maintain your home’s temperature. Replacing your door gives you the opportunity to make the entryway of your home look great, as well as improve your energy efficiency. 
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