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Glencoe IL is known for the its attractions and concerts in addition to its luxurious homes. We have been proudly serving this area since 2003 and look forward to completing more projects there. 


Your roof is your number line of defense from the elements. It keeps out moisture and wind, and helps maintain the temperature inside your home. Your roof needs care and maintenance though, and after heavy storms or bad weather it can need repairs. The  best way to make sure your roof lasts for many years is to ensure you get roofing repair done. Roofing repair is needed when there are cracks, loose shingles, or roof leaks present. We suggest hiring a professional contractor for roofing repairs. Professionals will perform a  roofing inspection, find hidden damage you may not notice, and fix the problem for you. 

Sometimes your roof will simply be too old or too damaged to be easily fixed with roofing repairs. In this case you will need a roofing replacement. A roofing replacement removes your current roof, disposes of it, and puts a new one on. This type of job should be done by a professional only. Trying to DIY repairs will damage your house further and cause bigger problems down the line. Roofing replacements are great investments in your home. A new roof will attract buyers and make home inspectors happy during appraisal. 

Roofing replacements are a great time to consider a new material for your roof. We carry and install most major roofing materials on the market. Asphalt, natural and synthetic cedar, natural and synthetic slate, and metal are all possible options. Why not look for a new material this time? You may find something more eco-friendly or low maintenance that will better suit your home. 


What is just as important as roofing when it comes to protecting your home from the elements? Your siding! Old, broken, badly faded, or insect infested siding needs to be replaced. Siding replacement makes your home safe from the elements again, and keeps your home from developing structural damage from being exposed. New siding can take many forms thanks to technology. We are proud to offer vinyl, fiber cement, and cedar or wood siding as options to our customers in Glencoe IL. 

Siding doesn’t always need to be replaced though. In many instances if the problem is caught early enough a simple repair will do. Siding repair fixes the problems you are having with your siding and extends the life of your siding. DIY siding repairs are not a good idea as moisture seeps in and causes hidden damage that only experts notice. Fix your siding problems before they spread and you will avoid siding replacement. 


Gutters are the unsung heroes of the home exterior. What gutters do is simple – they guide water away from your home during storms. Moving water away from your house protects your house from roofing damage and leaks, and keeps your basement dry. Gutter replacements are needed when your gutters are too old, damaged, or loose away from your home to function. New gutters are installed to resolve these issues. We carry the top quality and most popular gutter materials on the market right now. 

Your gutters might be blocked or have holes, but sometimes this can be resolved with gutter repair. Gutter repairs fix small problems immediately to keep them from becoming bigger and affecting other areas of the house. Call a professional to fix these problems and help you develop a maintenance plan for your gutters and roof – or even install gutter guards for extra protection. 


Old windows lower curb appeal. They also cost you money! Old windows are drafty and leak air into and out of your home – costing you hundreds in energy bills. New windows are more high tech and are specifically engineered to maintain the temperature in your home. We offer a variety of state of the art windows that will make your home look great, boost curb appeal, and save you money. We even carry skylights and can arrange for custom windows!


Looking for a natural but luxurious touch for your home? Stone is your best option! Masonry and stone work can make your home look even more beautiful. Stone is great for statement pieces like fireplaces, but also for more heavily used areas like patios and as siding. Consider adding in stone to your home exterior for a timeless look. 


Your doors are the other big item your visitors notice. They also cause many of the same energy efficiency problems as windows. Old drafty doors keep your home from staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This costs you money! Get a new state of the art and good looking door and keep your house draft free year-round.
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