Gemini Collection Garage Doors

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The Gemini Garage Door Collection

The Gemini Series: Safety, Economy, Selection The Gemini Collection offers you a wide range of styles and broad variety of design options to enhance the beauty of your home. The virtually no-maintenance Gemini Collection comes in your choice of galvanized steel: as the 2100 Series made of  25 gauge (.019″ min.) galvanized steel, or as the 2200 Series made of 24 gauge

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Special Features

FingerGuard­™ Pinch Resistant

FingerGuard­™ Pinch Resistant The FingerGuard™ section joint and hinges provide air-tight seal and prevent finger injuries inside and outside.  

11 Ball Bearing Nylon Rollers11 Ball Bearing Nylon RollersHörmann nylon rollers feature 11 pre-lubed ball bearings encased in a high strength steel casing that provides a quiet ride and years of reliable service.
Between Section & Side SealsBetween Section & Side SealsFactory installed between section weather seal and side seal offer maximum protection from the outside elements while further enhancing the insulation properties of a door.

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Gemini Construction

Gemini Construction
Gemini Construction

– Deep tongue and groove section joint contribute to the door’s excellent strength. Intermediate seals prevent air infiltration, which enhances the insulation properties. – Fully boxed end and center stiles add additional structural integrity. – Well-defined panel embossments, easy to clean Rainslope™ woodgrain texture, galvanized and finish painted steel provide years of trouble-free performance and beauty. – The bottom weather seal keeps out wind, rain, debris and other elements for added energy savings

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Gemini Panel Design Options

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Short Panel Window Designs

Short Panel Window Designs [divider height=”30″ line=”1″]

Long Panel Window Designs

Long Garage Door Window Panel Designs                                             [divider height=”30″ line=”1″]

Decorative Window Designs

Decorative Window Designs                 [divider height=”30″ line=”1″]

Color Options

Color Options                                                   [divider height=”30″ line=”1″]

Decorative Hardware Options

Decorative Hardware Options