Exterior Home Maintenance

A.B. Edward’s Complete Exterior Home Maintenance Inspection Checklist:

Exterior and Interior Home Maintenance
Exterior Home Maintenance Services: A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc.

Yearly exterior home maintenance is the absolute best thing you can do to continually maintain your property value and avoid costly surprises. A lot of people set aside a whole weekend for spring cleaning. But what about maintenance checks for warmer weather? Use the spring home maintenance checklist below to get your home spring-ready.

Exterior Maintenance Checklist 

✔️Roof shingles
We will check to see if any shingles are missing, damaged or not lined up properly

✔️Flashing around the chimney
This will also include checking dormers, plumbing vent stacks and skylights

✔️Checking all valleys
This is the typical area where everything collects from leaves, tree pine needles, snow and water.

✔️Fascia boards and soffits
When fascia and soffits are made of wood, painting promptly will prevent the wood from absorbing water which causes wood rot.

✔️Gutters and downspouts
These may need a good cleaning and/or repairs in late spring after the trees are green.

✔️Siding and trim like corner boards, must be secure and in good condition
Your wood siding and/trim have to be painted to prevent possible water damage. Power washing is also commonly used to clean debris.

✔️Windows and doors
Painting may be needed to protect the wood from the elements. Our team will will check the caulking that seals gaps on yoru siding. Rotting wood usually occurs where there’s water … on window sills, door thresholds & the kick plate just below the door.

We will check the outside of yoru home for water damage or intrusion and masonry decay. Concrete is porous and water does come through unless you are directing the water away from your house.

✔️Decks, porches and stairs
These areas may need different maintenance depending on the materials they’re made from