Commercial Dormers

Factory fabricated units shipped ready to install

Commercial Dormers
Commercial Dormers

Our Architectural Dormers are functional pieces that add a prominent architectural touch to commercial and industrial projects. Louver dormers create effective ventilation of attic areas while window dormers can also be used as skylights, adding natural lighting to your space.

  • – Available with louvers for ventilation, windows for light, or plenums for exhaust.
  • – Styles include half round, gable, round top, and eyebrow, as well as custom built. Sizes range from 18″ wide up to 14 foot wide, two piece units.
  • – All flanges are fully welded or soldered and are available with receivers for standing seam.
  • – All standard dormers are available in larger sizes and include self contained internal structure.
  • – Units are shipped to your job site ready to install.

Available Materials:

  • – Copper
  • – Freedom Gray
  • – Paint Grip Steel
  • – Pre-finished Aluminum
  • – Patina Copper
  • – Pre-weathered Zinc

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Available Styles:

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