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Chicago IL is a diverse and historic city known for it’s arts scene, blues festivals, and beautiful buildings and skyscrapers. Homes in Chicago IL are of high quality and beautiful exteriors, and we are proud to continue working in this historic and cultural city as we have done since 2003. 


Your roof plays a large role in the curb appeal and value of your home. A new roof is needed when your old one is severely damaged or too aged to be repaired any further. Replacing your roof is the best way to keep your home free from the elements and worth more money. Major leaks, holes in your roof, and missing shingles all are warning signs you need to replace your roof. Roof replacement increases the value of your home as appraisers and buyers are willing to pay more for a roof guaranteed in good condition, and it also boosts your curb appeal! 

Replacing your roof is a great time to consider what materials you are using on your home. Many materials have different benefits – some are more eco-friendly, others are more low-maintenance, and others still are very long lasting. We currently offer cedar, slate, metal, asphalt, and synthetic materials as roofing options for our Chicago IL customers. 

Your roof may not need full replacement, but rather just repair. Roof repairs are needed for small leaks, loose shingles, and cracked shingles. Neglecting to repair your roof causes larger problems to your roof and home structure. These larger problems are more expensive and involved so it’s important to get your roof repaired as soon as you can. We recommend repairing your roof with a professional contractor. A professional contractor fixes your roof, checks for hidden damage, and helps you determine the best course of action when it comes to maintenance. 


Gutters work as a part of a team with your roof. Water runs off of your roof and into your gutters to be moved away from your home. When your gutters don’t work your home is at risk for severe damage. Blocked gutters with large cracks, holes, and missing sections cause roof damage, as well as seepage and flooding in your basement as the water is left to run freely and wash away your top soil. Replacing your gutters is the best way to remedy these issues and protect your home from water damage. New gutters look great, give you peace of mind, and increases your home value. We offer aluminum, copper, and cladding as options for new gutter materials. 

Small cracks and minor blockages can be fixed with smaller gutter repairs. Gutter repairs resolve these issues and extend the life of your gutters. Repairing your gutters is important if you want to stop the spread of the damage to other areas of your home. Neglecting to fix your gutters when it is needed causes more expensive damage down the road, so make sure you call a professional right away if you notice damage. A professional fixes your gutters, checks for damage that is not obvious, and will help you with gutter maintenance plans and even gutter guards. Gutter guards are a great addition to any home and they keep your gutters clear of twigs and leaves longer. 


Siding is one of the most noticeable things about your home. Your siding can be seen from the street and impacts your curb appeal for this reason. Make sure your siding looks great and is doing a good job of protecting your home. Cracked siding that has missing areas or insect infestation needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Not replacing your siding can trap moisture into your home and cause more damage to your internal structure or leaks. New siding looks great, increases home value, and keeps your home safe from moisture, water damage, mold, and more! We offer vinyl, fiber cement, and cedar as our prime options for siding in Chicago IL. 

Your siding may not always need to have its siding completely replaced. In many cases siding repair will do the trick when it comes to damage. Repairing your siding keeps you from needing siding replacement. It also helps make sure your home is constantly looking great. We recommend getting small cracks, loose sections, and small insect infestations repaired by a professional to make sure it is done correctly. 


Stonework is an easy way to incorporate natural elements into your home. Stone’s versatile nature makes it a great addition to your interior or exterior project, and it can be used in a wide variety of settings. Siding, fireplaces, floors, and patios are just a few examples of great places you an add stonework to. Be sure to ask our masonry experts what kind and texture of stone is best for the project you have in mind. 


Doors are one of the first thing your guests will notice when they come to visit. Your doors impact your curb appeal and the value of your because of how they look. Doors that are older and in poor condition also increase your energy bills as they are drafty. Drafts that come in and out of your home make your heating and cooling bills go up as your home is no longer maintaining its temperature properly. Installing a new door will resolve your energy efficiency issues and improve your curb appeal and home value. Contact us for our state of the art and energy efficient doors today. 


Much like your doors, your windows are a factor in your curb appeal and home value. Windows are easily noticed from the outside and of course, as you live in your home – you have to see them all the time too! Old and broken windows are an eyesore and cost you money. Windows that are not in good condition turn away potential buyers and cost you money with drafts and high energy bills. Install new, state of the art windows that are energy efficient as a great investment for your home. We also carry skylights, sun tunnels, and can undertake custom work as well!
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