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Cedar Roofing Chicago Contractor: Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

Cedar Roofing Contractor (847) 827-1605
Cedar Roofing Contractor (847) 827-1605

For homeowners trying to find a distinct look for their house, cedar shake roofing is an excellent choice. The natural look of cedar provides your home a beautiful surface while still offering the quality and resilience you need from your roof.

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Replacing Cedar Shingles Or Shakes

Some property owners might try to replace an individual cedar shake or cedar shingle themselves or have a buddy with roofing understanding do it, this type of diy roofing system repair work could void your roofing guarantee. Cedar roofing needs special skill and care during setup. Even if it’s just a couple of shingles, a cedar specialist, like A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc, need to perform the setup.

Here are other vital reasons why just cedar roofing system professionals need to change your cedar roofing shingles and shakes:

  • — We know the replacement requirements for your roofing design. Even if only one shake is damaged, in some cases the entire row of shakes or shingles needs to be changed to make sure appropriate efficiency.
  • — We understand the weak spots for different roofing types and ways to effectively change the cedar roofing to make sure that fasteners will not fail and lead to roofing leakages.
  • — We can acknowledge if other roofing product is about to fail and change it also.
  • — We know how to perform shimming and other roof repair approaches according to the style of roofing on your home and its condition.
  • — We know the underlying issues to try to find that might be triggering damage to your cedar shingles or shakes.
  • — We understand storm damage from hail, wind, water and fire. Ways to appropriately file a claim; meet insurance adjusters, supplement, and final bill insurance companies. To get more information go to our claims guide page.

Indications of Cedar Shingles or Shake that NEED replacement

If several of the shingles or shakes on your cedar roof are revealing any of these signs, it’s time to swap them out for new ones.

Splitting – If the split has rounded edges and the interior is a dull orange or grayish color, then it’s an outcome of natural weathering. However, if the split has sharp edges and a light orange color interior, then it’s an impact split, probably triggered by hail. You need to call your insurance company to see if the replacement is covered under your policy.

Curling or Cupping – This occurs when a shingle or shake curls up or looks distorted. Curling and cupping belong to the cedar wood’s natural weathering and aging procedure. They are indications of wood stress triggered by the sun’s UV rays and rain. However, if you can see the roofing felt or roofing system deck, then other issues may exist. If considerable cupping or curling appears right after setup, it signifies a poor set up. That’s why it’s so essential to have a roofing company with knowledge in installing cedar roof shingles and shakes, such as A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc., install your cedar roofing system. Our accurate setup methods make sure a proper set up for the design of your roofing system.

Fractures or Splitting – This is a result of the wood expanding and contracting with time from wetness and occurring drying. Cracks and divides belong to the natural cedar roof aging process. When tiny hairline fractures get bigger, cedar shake or shingle replacement is highly suggested.

Fraying – This is caused by bottom edge rot. The decay is frequently the outcome of bacteria, like moss, lichen or algae, that are left neglected. Bottom edge rot is common on homes where the roofing gets mostly shade and never ever dries out entirely after a rainfall.

For homeowners looking for an unique try to find their home, cedar shake roofing is an excellent alternative. The natural look of cedar gives your home a gorgeous surface while still offering the quality and sturdiness you require from your roof

Benefits of Cedar Roofing

  • – Cedar is the only roofing material that can be preserved to lengthen its lifespan.
  • – Cedar provides the greatest R-Value (insulation) of any common roofing product, generally 4x that of normal asphalt shingles.
  • – Offers the ageless authenticity of a natural material at a low price relative to other natural materials such as clay or stone.
  • – Offers superior wind and hail resistance.

If cedar shake roofing sounds like the ideal choice for your home, call the professionals atA.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. today. Our cedar shake roofing will provide your house a quality appearance that you will take pleasure in for several years to come.

While many roofing and siding materials have been proven to provide an adequate level of protection and style to residential and commercial structures, only a couple of roofing and siding types can match the character that cedar shingles give any structure.

Other types of wood can be used for making shingles, but over the years, cedar has become one of the most common materials of choice. Cedar shingles are a smooth sawn, tapered and random width wood tiles used for roofs and walls. Cedar is one of the most durable type of wood that is also one of the easiest wood types to grow.

Cedar Brands That We Carry

North Shore Prime (Our Private Label Brand) |  Waldun Shake

Cedar shingles provide a very high level of protection yet they have a unique look that is well-suited for old houses and buildings with specific styles. Unlike modern materials used for siding and roofing systems, cedar shake shingles are often used in construction or repair of homes and business establishments for aesthetic purposes. Apart from its curb appeal, many home owners opt to use cedar shake shingles even when other materials are available thanks to their durability, bio-degradable characteristics, low carbon foot print, impact resistance, and limitless design options, among many others.

Cedar Shingles for Homes and Buildings

Cedar shingle roofs will always have a minimum of three layers, (3-ply) exposing less than one third of the shingle length to the weather. This 3-ply application for a No.1 Blue Label has a centuries-long track record. Lower grades require shorter exposures to ensure a watertight roof. We always recommend using a No.1 Grade Blue Label shingle on all primary buildings. Cedar shingle are packaged with four bundles per roofing square – 100 sq ft (9.3 m2) – based on the maximum recommended exposure for each size/type.

Cedar Shake Roofing Experts - A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. (847) 827-1605
Cedar Shake Roofing Experts – A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. (847) 827-1605

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is your regional specialists for cedar shake roofing installation and repair in Chicago and suburban locations. If you’re interested in a cedar shake roofing system for your house, give us a call today at (847) 827-1605 or click here for a FREE Estimate.