5 Exterior Remodeling Ideas to Consider this Spring

5 Exterior Remodeling Ideas to Consider this Spring

Exterior Remodeling Ideas: It may be unseasonably cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘think spring’ when it comes to your home exterior. Take a few moments today to consider some springtime remodeling services done by home remodeling in ATX and sprucing up with our top 5 suggestions for spring improvements!

Exterior remodeling can make your home more appealing and increase value.

Get some amazing exterior remodeling ideas!
Get some amazing exterior remodeling ideas!

Spring is the time thousands of Chicagoland area homeowners take a look at their homes and decide what kind of maintenance needs to be done and what is worth investing in. Often times spring is the time of year to schedule and plan how to while enhance the look and feel of your home.

1. New Vinyl Siding. Vinyl is a sturdy, weather-resistant material that can protect your house from heat, cold, and wind while still laying flat and looking beautiful. Vinyl is fade resistant so no matter what color you choose, the final results will last a long time! Did you know that certain types of vinyl are even eco-friendly? If you are looking to ‘go-green’ and improve your energy efficiency – set up an appointment with us to discuss vinyl options for your home exterior.

New vinyl siding can improve the appearance of your home

2. Roof Repair and Replacement. Is it time to schedule a roofing inspection? Whether you need a new roof entirely or just need some minor repairs – your roof should never be overlooked when it comes to exterior remodeling.  Old roofs are not only an eyesore but also potentially dangerous, says the expert at Transition Roofing, particularly if they are sagging or have several leaky spots. Even if you have one small leak this needs to be repaired to keep your exterior looking its best and also to protect the interior roof structure and the rest of your house. Have you had problems with your roof this winter and think you may need a replacement – read our quick guide to find out if you need a new roof.

Cedar Roofing & Standing Seam
Roof Installation and Repair

3. Window Replacement. This outside redesigning job is typically overlooked compared to siding and roofing repair jobs. Similar to replacing roofing shingles, replacing windows can help you conserve energy as old windows get drafty and worn over time. Window replacement can not only improve the look of your home’s exterior, but they can decrease condensation as well as fading damage from the sun’s UV rays. Call an expert to prevent potential installation problems like rot from water if you are thinking about replacing your windows this year!

New windows can increase the value of your house

4. Adding New Doors. Did you know a new door can save you money on your heating bill? If you pick a cost comparison chart and check it out, new exterior doors often provide better insulation than old and worn ones as seen on the Department of Energy’s website. Many brands of door offer new kinds of weather protection and insulation – and have you thought about adding sliding doors or storm doors to your home? Get ready for summer with new doors for your home and patio!

New doors can act as a facelift for your home exterior

5. Repairing Gutters & Downspouts. While often overlooked gutters are crucial to keeping your house looking its best! As soon as the spring rain sets in here in Chicago you’re going to want the best defense against damage to your house from water.  Properly maintained gutters and downspouts keep the siding from getting stained as well as protecting soil around your house from erosion. In fact, the best way to avoid a leaky damp basement is to make sure your gutters are in good working order so the foundation is not damaged after the soil is washed away. If your gutters have holes, are sagging, or have leaky joints call us today!

Keeping gutters clean and well maintained will protect your home and keep the exterior looking its best.
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